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Zoho Show allows you to build a slide show presentation within your web browser. No software is needed, and the presentation lives on the Internet. No uploads, downloads, or passing files around when working in a group. Best of all, it is easy to embed video from popular sites like YouTube.

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When you need a slideshow presentation, but PowerPoint just won’t do, try an online solution. It can be rather difficult to embed a YouTube video into PowerPoint, but a presentation that runs in your browser can support the embed code provided by popular video websites. Students working in groups can take advantage of a presentation that is stored online, and isn’t trapped on one computer. There is no need to keep track of updates and changes. This is a great solution for online courses that have a teamwork component.

Remember: These are webpages and nearly everything on the Internet is available to the public. Remind K-12 students that they should not include their full name or the name of their school.


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