Drag-n-drop Flash interface for building interactive Posters and Flip books


Wix has a drag and drop interface that allows you to build a Flash website with very little technical experience. Photos and videos can be added quickly from available libraries and links to popular sites like YouTube.com.

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Digital posters are an easy way to express ideas, organize, and display information. Digital books are animated to flip pages on screen and are great for students who would like to tell stories. Instructors can use Wix to present information or develop books for children.

These are webpages and nearly everything on the Internet is available to the public. So be sure to tell Wix that you do not want your webpages included in a gallery or search engine where the public can easily locate them. Settings are available under File > Settings. You are also reminded to change your settings on the Publish page under Change Settings.

Another option is to not publish the Wix site at all, and use the studentís login and password to view each project under My Account. View our page on using Google's Gmail for creating student accounts!

Want to control the look and feel of your students' digital book? Create an account for each student and log in to each account to create their template. (Be sure to hand out the student guide titled "Instructor sets up templates".)

Remember: Remind K-12 students that they should not include their full name or the name of their school.


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