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Timetoast allows you to quickly and easily fill in dates and information that are compiled into an interactive timeline. Photos can be uploaded directly into Timetoast, and links to websites or videos can be included.

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Your students can construct a timeline based on a series of historical events, or even their own life. Instructors can use interactive timelines as an alternative way to present information, including links to videos and additional websites. It beats PowerPoint hands down! Embed a timeline into your course website, or use it during a class lecture.

Remember: These are webpages and nearly everything on the Internet is available to the public. Published timelines are publicly available and can be found by the general public. Remind K-12 students that they should not include their full name or the name of their school.

Timetoast does not allow multiple accounts to be registered to the same email address. However, by using a Google Gmail account, you can mimic multiple addresses for your students. See our page on Gmail for more information.

If you would like for your students’ timelines to remain private, you should set up accounts for each student and use their login information to view the timeline when you start grading.


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