Post pictures, video, text, or documents to a class page by cell phone or regular email

Students can use their mobile phones to text ideas and notes on a whim, send photos taken in the field, or submit video of a short interview. No more file converting, connecting a digital camera, or uploading files. No cell phones? No problem! Just use email.

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Create a class or group site where new content is simply emailed or texted to a class-specific address. Posts are automatically formatted: multiple photos are arranged into a gallery, videos are embedded into a player, and files like PDFs are placed into a viewer. Nearly any type of common file can be sent as an attachment by mobile phone or regular email on a computer. So those without phones or texting plans aren’t left out!

Pages can be password protected, meaning that a single password can be given to parents and students to view the class site.

Students do not need accounts and should not sign up for one on their own. All the teacher needs is each student's address.

Students' names, email addresses, and phone numbers are not visible on Posterous. No identifying information is displayed about the person who posted. (If this bothers you, or if you have a large class, turn on moderation and approve posts before the class seems them.)

Most carriers charge an additional fee for text messaging, picture/video messaging, or data (accessing the Internet). Students and parents should review their service plan carefully to see if an additional fee would be incurred. Service providers often have bundles and packages that cover these options. If you are unsure about fees that may be incurred from using Text Messaging or the Internet from a phone please contact your service provider.

Remember: Remind K-12 students that they should not include their full name or the name of their school. If using email, be sure to erase your "signature" line or it will also be included.


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