WYSBU Blog New - November 1, 2017

Recent Conferences

2017 Lilly Conference on Designing Effective Teaching - Asheville
Redesigning Spanish Theater for Millennials: An Engaging Classroom Experience (Teresa Sanhueza & Sarah McCorkle)

Template: Make your own wordsearch (Word)

Google Forms: Step-by-step Tutorial for building PowerPoint Quizzes (PDF)

2017 Free-Learning Conference
Grab Your Pushpins: Easy interactive map making for student projects or faculty presentations

Google MyMaps: Assignment Instructions and Rubric Template (Word)

Google MyMaps: Step-by-step Tutorial (PDF)

eTech Ohio 2012
Selecting and Supporting Appropriate Technologies

Rubric from eTech 2012 in Columbus, Ohio: http://www.wysbu.com/WYSBU_Rubric.pdf

Feature: Wix
Lots of hits for Wix ideas and tutorials

Google has been sending us a lot of traffic from users searching for Wix information. If you haven't tried Wix take a moment to see what you've been missing!

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