2017 Free-Learning Conference
Grab Your Pushpins: Easy interactive map making for student projects or faculty presentations

Google MyMaps: Assignment Instructions and Rubric Template (Word)

Google MyMaps: Step-by-step Tutorial (PDF)











eTech Ohio 2012
Selecting and Supporting Appropriate Technologies

Sarah, Dan, and Christina are presenting at eTech 2012 in Columbus, Ohio. If you missed the session, or just want to share the rubric used in our presentation, you'll find it here: http://www.wysbu.com/wysbu_rubric.pdf

Innovate! eLearning in Action

Sarah and Mark are attending Innovate! at The Ohio State University on Thursday, May 20th. Stop by and see us during the Breakfast and Lunch Showcase sessions. We set up a Posterous site so other attendees can document their ideas and any cool tools they've found: http://innovatebuckeye.posterous.com.

New Look
New site design for WYSBU

We've given WYSBU a new design and added some new content. Have a look around! We plan on adding a new feature where teachers can share their experiences with Web 2.0 tools. Send us an email and tell us about what you're using in your classroom and send us a sample or two (please remember to remove your students' last names).

Feature: Wix
Lots of hits for Wix ideas and tutorials

Google has been sending us a lot of traffic from users searching for Wix information. If you haven't tried Wix take a moment to see what you've been missing!


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